The Business with Data! Google Stadia!

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Have you ever thought Why suddenly facebook released a similar new platform like youtube which serves content to people?

Maybe not!

Let me ask you the recent one!

Have you ever thought Why Google released Stadia!

Maybe yes!

Because there is a lot of money! The gaming market evolves around $180B and Google can be one to take it.

Actually, The answer is not just $180 Billion Money in hand but the data produced by it.

Targetting this big industry will help Google to gain a lot of gaming data, personal data, behavioural data and human data which can be used to make even something bigger and unattachable.

Google was just a search engine when they came in 1997, but today Google is Biggest Search Engine, Google is Your favourite video platform, Google has the biggest video community, Google has the biggest Advertising List of Companies.

If you see all in one perspective, Google never became limited to what they were into, rather they used engineering to make that data do something bigger. They used the data to understand the pain point and solve it for billions.

So, To rephrase what I wrote above is.

Google has not just targetted a $180B industry but they have solved the problem for millions. They have made a platform which will make the players and developers go beyond the old limits to design and play a game.

Now let me ask a similar Question to you.

What is more important for your company?

Is it the customer base because you just started OR It is the growth challenge you are facing right now because of the big competitors in the market?

If it’s the customer then you should improve the way you attract and retain your customers. Is it’s data which you don’t understand even having a lot of technology then you should contact us to solve that for you?

We at Null analytics help companies to make sense of complex data from different platforms.