Customer Reach with machine is Learning!

Advertising, Economy

Online Marketing has boomed in the last 2 decades and now everyone is focusing on digital marketing. The new boom is so focused that the business has a very small budget is also able to advertise.

The competition has increased in businesses and the one which has a bigger market share last year may not remain this year.

This is because advertising brings more customers, but what most of the Enterprise forget to focus is

  1. Retention of existing customers and the Understanding reason behind the churn of existing customers
  2. Targetting the Right people not just with keywords but with many more data points
  3. Not being limited to platforms like Facebook & Google
  4. Knowing the reality that platforms don’t scare you enough data to take action

The last but not least, Knowing all above and not taking action to stop the churn and target even more focused audience.

We at NullAnalytics help you to understand those reasons and deliver you an actionable plan to stop the churn and improve retention. Leave a Message to know If your Business and customer retention can be improved.