Web, Text Analytics

Web, Text Analytics

We at Null Analytics help companies to understand customers better by the help of technology advance Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Data Science.

Web Analytics:

Building the customer behavior measuring infrastructure to understand customers’ navigation patterns and what they do when they come to website.

Constructing the content performance measuring infrastructure to gauge attractiveness and effectiveness of inbound marketing materials, display ads, email campaigns, promotional coupons so on.

Automating data collection, analyze and report generation processes to gain the most and best out of invaluable data resources we have.

Text Analytics:

Text Analytics is the process of getting useful information, understanding the insights trends from an unstructured data.

The unstructured data can be from any sources such as feedback from customers, twitter and Facebook comments, product reviews, based upon the search facility and many more.


It also involves categorization, clustering, information extraction, visualization and predictive analytics.

Text Analytics helps us to determine the “Hot Topic” or trending comments/topics on social media platform which helps to provide a better understanding of business as well as helps to provide a customer-friendly services.

Based on the customer feedback we recommend some new things to the customers which eventually help businesses to grow intensely.

Analysis report

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

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