Data Security

Our systems are fully secure with end to end encryption. We use GnuPG to secure the data and compliant with industry standard.

Hardened Linux Server

Our Linux server is hardened for security and fine-tuned for performance. We optimize, maintain and develop as the industry grows.

GDPR Regulated

The system we share you have an extended easy to manage GDPR claims and compliance through the back end management panel.

File System Change Notification

We have secured file with a special algorithm that informs users, management when any malicious changes happen in the core files.

Identify and Access Control

The system is safeguarded with a multi-level hierarchy of access to important data. We have multi-factor authentication in place to safeguard the infrastructure from malign intentions.

SSL & Encryption

E2E encryption encrypts the data at the web level and decode at destination level to prevent the information leakage during an accident.

We are open for any third party security audit under certain circumstances.