Join the Team at Nullanalytics

We at Null Analytics believe in nurturing individuals to reach full potential. Our culture built on two clear objectives: equality and performance. None of us in the team is above or below to anyone and performance is a paramount indicator.



  • Use data to inform and influence the direction of team roadmaps and inform business decisions
  • Work with partner teams to define goals and identify metrics for improving existing features and new releases
  • Extract the data from various social media platforms, Google Analytics and databases.
  • Work closely with consultant and business intelligence analyst to author and develop core data sets that empower exploratory, and behavioral analyses.


  • Fresher or less than 2 years of professional industry experience doing quantitative analysis
  • The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the results of complex analyses
  • Detail oriented and have a basic understanding of descriptive statistics, (ex. Mean, Median, statistical significance).
  • Strong holdover Excel, and Google Sheet (statistical functions, pivot table, conditional formatting, and editing)
  • Plus but not required: experience writing production datasets in SQL/Hive OR building internal/production data tools for ETL, experimentation, or exploration in a scripting language (Python, R, etc.)
  • Plus but not required:a solid grasp of basic statistical applications and methods (experimentation, probabilities, regression)
  • Plus but not required: Experience in software engineering, data engineering, consulting, academic research, healthcare or digital marketing.


  • Bachelor or Master degree majored in statistics or certified data analyst with zeal to learn faster

Working Environment:

The individual is able to work from co-working space, communicate effectively with US-based team, display high regard to data security, confidentiality and owns a laptop.


  • Monitors, analyzes, and reports performance of web sites using site analytics tools such as Google Analytics (and others); focusing on purchase behavior, traffic drivers, site experience, site functionality, impact of analysis-driven changes, growth opportunities, revenue effects of site enhancements, content receptivity, marketing campaigns and seasonal business trends.
  • Analyse trends, create new insights and maintain existing reports in Tableau by extracting data from various social media platforms (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.).
  • Identify different KPI to pulls data from Data Warehouse and analyzes customer sales, orders, acquisition and retention.
  • Analyzes customer behaviour and recommends web site improvements based on factual data and/or business trends
  • Performs cost benefit analysis for all E-Marketing activities and identify opportunities.
  • Reports regularly to a chief consultant on key performance indicators, business trends, leading industry indicators, etc.


  • Basic understanding of BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI and Excel VBA
  • Expert proficiency in Excel.
  • Expert with Google Analytics or comparable
  • Ability to pull data from a Data Warehouse by authoring SQL queries
  • Expert skills in data analysis software and computer languages (SQL, VBA) to analyze and manipulate data and develop/modify reports.
  • Knowledge or experience with relational database structures and query techniques.
  • Plus but not required: Digital marketing and healthcare domain knowledge.


  • Bachelor’s degree in eCommerce, finance, accounting, business, economics, marketing or a related field with a strong quantitative focus. Relevant coursework in statistics, math and/or business, or equivalent experience required.
  • Fresher or less than 2 years of experience working directly with digital marketing data analysis, visualization and business report generation.

Working Environment:

  • An individual is able to work from co-working space, communicate effectively with the US-based team, display high regard to data security, confidentiality and owns a laptop.